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Details - Update 9.80:
End of waiting! Winter update 2012 was released. It brings together a lot of new solutions and content. Before you go to check them all personally, let us summarize all that awaits you:

At the beginning you should definitely go for Thais to see is a vibrant city surrounded by new splendor. It has undergone a complete refurbishment. Inspire rich architecture and abundant decorations for homes, buildings and streets. If you feel a desire for a more mundane experience, check swamps southwest of Thais. The whole area looks more muddy than ever. You will see there a whole range of new monsters. If you watch rather for a job, you might want to search the swamps in search of the Norman Foreman or goblin-merchant, Rafz.

In our second announcement we informed you about the various improvements, such as:
In Kazordoon developed a system wagons of mine, and pilot a flying carpet began to offer their services. The aim is to improve the accessibility of the city. In addition, because the dwarves began to dig far too deep awakened new threats. Beware of the bloodthirsty gangs Lost at the lowest levels of mine.
Has been changed speed all creatures of Tibia, in this form. While embodiments with lower levels now go faster, these higher levels - slowly. Accordingly we changed the speed of the monsters. If you want to delve into this subject, Study the appropriate forum thread warning on the test.
Experienced travelers who performed three very difficult quests can now get a new demon outfit. For this we have improved some existing location hunting to have won you a better experience. Check out our list of additional information to figure out where we made the changes. What's more, monsters no longer hurt each other or their summons. Be careful, therefore, when you set out to the caves.

To ensure an easier start into the world of Tibia, we have expanded tutorial by adding to the Island of Destiny small festival. Players can try out there all vocations, before making your choice. In addition, they will receive a stone traveler, giving access to the Guild Travelers. If you have already left the Island, you can get it from the priests in temples. Guild that offers useful information about Tibia, you can also buy there promotion.

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