Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 9.60

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Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 9.60:
End expectations! Summer Update 2012 has just been introduced. Time mow hordes of new monsters and go to the Gnome adventure!

Here is a brief summary of new content and features that have been added to spice up the game:
Among the crystals and mushrooms, gnomes led a quiet life in seclusion, reluctantly Aiming trust outsiders. But now, in the face of serious threats they are ready to hire warriors who pass their sophisticated test. After successfully joined the Bigfoot - a special auxiliary unit, solving missions for the Gnomes will allow you to gain reputation and help you move up in the rankings.
Meet the new underground area, get their hands on new equipment and items, get new outfits, mounts and achievements! Achieve the highest rank Bigfoot to gain access to the dungeon challenges to show your skills and see what you can afford. Are you ready for this challenging adventure?

With the release of the summer update, players with premium accounts can also use the new offline training, which allows you to increase your skills in a particular area, at a time when you are logged out of the game. Visit one of the training institutions that can be found in all major cities and use statue of training in order to activate offline training for your character.
Training offline can improve their skills in a more comfortable, without having to use resources such as food. For this reason, this training is less effective than online training. Note also that one can practice only 12 hours. When the bar is empty workout offline, you have to make up, to be able to train again being wylogowanym.

This is not the end, waiting for you a few new things. Keep your surroundings as cruel Orcs can build every once in a time of war camp near certain cities, or you may receive a terrible Mamma Longles on the road to Thais. What's more, a strange energy portal from time to time will be opened. It leads to the Dread Guardian, from which you can access Devovorgi lives in exchange for a few pieces of tentacles (tentacle piece).
If you are looking for a new home, visit the ten new homes that are available for rent. Inspired by Tibians for Tibians!

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