Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 9.40

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Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 9.40:
Outside it is getting colder, but we have something that you warm up. Finally, after months of waiting, Tibia winter update 2011, he was released. Over the past few weeks, we showed you different news. Before you log in to yourself to check them out, let us summarize them again:
Finally, the much awaited feature has found its place in Tibia: market. Market lets you buy and sell items for a fixed price. While adding offers is possible only for premium players, however, all players can browse the listings to find the best and accept the existing offer. In addition, little has changed depot. Vaults will now contain crates depot, post office box and an icon mall, which will open a new window Market. The new mailbox will receive items bought in a supermarket and post office.

Do you have your wish list? Or perhaps you plan to sell things that accumulate in your depot? Check sections of the stand-alone client and Beta Flash client in the manual to learn more about how the market works.

If you feel like exploring and experiencing new adventures before or after the great shopping in the supermarket, the new island Quirefang may be what you are looking for. When you arrive at the Gray Beach, strange stone statues greet you and tell a few stories.
Those of you who prefer underwater excursions should dive deep into the sea. Enter a world of Deeplingów, underwater creatures, which celebrate their king-god Qjella and are nearing emergence from the depths and raises the surface. Measure the the challenges waiting for you, odb¹dŸcie the way from the bottom of the sea to ancestral lands, to face the guards Qjella.
If, however, you prefer the atmosphere buzzing hive should leave Gray Beach to the north Quirefang. Hive Born, breed insects focused on bringing destruction, occupied the territory of consuming everything around changing the landscape in a swarm of wasteland. Do you dare to enter the hive? Do you have everything you need in order to counter the dangers lurking there?
In addition, beyond the new districts full of monsters and challenges even experienced adventurers who know the lands of Tibia may encounter the unexpected from time to time. Lots of small World Change can now occur randomly throughout Tibia. Before you know it, your help may be needed to catch the robber or eg. Pay little Noodles. Also beware of the environment ... sea volcano erupt, the river may overflow and even snow can melt sooner or later.

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