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Details - Update 9.10:
Are you ready to shape your world? Go ahead, Summer Update 2011 has just been released!

New challenges and adventures await you and your actions and decisions will be important, bigger than before. Our announcement updates sent you how to change the world. To summarize, however, new content before setting out to explore.

South - western part of the steppes Zao mad wizard has created a portal on top of the tower through which you can enter another dimension. Near the Thais, the servants mad mage listen to the voice of the master and have dangerous mucus. If you are already close to Thais, you can stand on the side of one of the races of demons that are at war with each other under Thais. It depends on you on which side the scales will be tipped.

Shadowthorn on fire? Actually! Several rebel elves have been imprisoned by the followers of a forgotten god Swamp. If you help them get free, Shadowthorn ablaze.
The mine Kazordoon, was discovered the entrance to the sunken "Eyes of the Deep". The area is full of water and the need to drain the water to gain access to it. You can also find one of the two new steamers between Kazordoon and Thais. The second is managed by the dwarves workers who need coal that the service has been launched.

If you prefer hot and dry desert climates, you might want to know the grave Horestisa near Ankrahmun. Destroy the jars, and wake Pharaoh eternal sleep.
Anglers should keep lake Equivocalao the north Tiquanda. If the lake becomes very dirty and you're lucky, you can catch "shimmer swimmer", a rare fish that can turn into eg the equipment.

The fur and antlers white deer out of the woods Ab'dendriel can be sold for a good price. However, the hunting of these beautiful animals threatens them with extinction, and their natural enemies, wolves are running around the ground hungry.
The Thais, Ottokar living in the poor house, needs a bag with medicines to reduce fever swamp and keep it under control. If no one will do for him, fever spread to the city and sick residents attacked the streets of Thais.
To the west of Greenshore, these lands, from time to time are attacked by insects that destroy green, if one does not hinder them.
If you are planning to visit new places, why not do it on horseback? Just rent a horse at the stables near Thais and Thais. It is also available transportation between the two cities.
However, if you prefer to have your own horse, you can try to tame it if they are in the wild. Speaking of taming, any new mounts can be tamed by players with a paid account, for example: crystal wolf snail tiger, royal deer and the king scorpion. In addition, there are two new outfits, in which you can dress up our characters: Elementalist outfit and dress the suffering.
Also, a whole host of new achievements to earn. Taken were also some issues about which you can read in Auditoriumwarning. After completing the tutorial Rookgaard'zie, there will be available a new line of quests that can be accepted by players and 6 level of experience. They will lead beginners till you reach on the Isle of Destiny.

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