Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 8.74

Download - Tibia multiclient 8.74
Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 8.74:
With today's servers, it will introduce a number of amendments content. Here they are:
Brooch Windtrouser family (family brooch) was added to the list of trade NPC Black Bert.
While performing the task, "The New Frontier" was added a new option that will allow you to return to the reward room in the arena, writing "reward" to the NPC Zurak.
If you have lost a letter from the NPC Morgan to Eremo you get a new after seven days.
We would also like to announce that it has found a problem in a specific Paradox Tower, which can perform the task again. However, for technical reasons, this amendment will not be introduced before the summer update.

In addition to the content of the amendments has been undertaken several issues concerning reporting posts. If you wish to post on the forum but already have reached your limit, you will get the know by clicking on the "report post". In addition, the report "Off-topic public statements" that was missing in the options of the report, has been re-added.
In addition, minor problem was fixed in Beta Flash client. Namely, when you open a new container, the widget scrolls to the top

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