Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 8.60

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Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 8.60:
This year's summer update was introduced!
We hope you ready for discover new content and test new features. Most of them have already been presented in our teasers but let us remember what we have been presented and what is waiting for you when you log in. Southern Great Zao hides great challenges, complex missions and valuables. Your fight with aggressive dragonkinami will lead you deep into the realm imperor to the point where you almost completely caught up in corruption. Terrifying monsters will you on the road and check your strength. You should be well prepared before you go out into new areas, where you get the opportunity to wear outfit wayfarer. There is still a question: Do you have the necessary skills and strength to face the unspeakable evil of Zao and reverse the tide of fate? Are you heroes?

In addition to the northern Zao, you can count on many new items from loot and incredible improvement regarding the carrying of inventory: Runes and potions can be stacked. This will definitely save you a lot of time and space when packing your backpack for the next hunt. Even though it will be more convenient: Automatic stacking will work for other items such as food purchased from NPCs or monsters body parts that are obtained during the "skilling".

We have another great option that will put us in a whole new dimension to the game. You know your surroundings in Tibia? You're a pro? You want to prove it? Here you go: Now you can earn achievements for their character, display them on the information page of your character and even compete with other players on the list of the best. More than 80 achievements is currently available, some of which are secret or difficult to obtain. If you can get them all? In addition, we have improved our system for reporting. Players can now report messages from "Party Channel", "Guild Channel", "Private Chat Channels", "Default Channel", as well as the private conversations that violate the rules Tibi. All the changes and improvements that have been incorporated into the game with Update'm are listed at the Forum. Also there, you can express your opinion on updateable.

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