Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 8.57

Download - Tibia multiclient 8.57
Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 8.57:
With today's server will introduce a number of amendments to the game.
The answers to spoken keyword "bank" NPC guide Carlin has been changed to better determine the location of the bank.
NPC Bone Master and Dream Master were again improve from now they will take as many as there are demonic essences required for the next promotion
Madareth players now properly reduces the ranged combat skills
Several items have been added to the list of selling to NPC Black Bert: Boreth's dust, Lersatio's dust, Marziel's dust and Arthei's dust
Coincidentally decaying candelabrum in the Temple Rookgard has been replaced by a permanent, which degrade only when it is taken
Displays the status of completion of the quest In Service of Yalahar has been improved for players who completed the quest and again began to talk to the NPC Mr. West of mission
A few typos and minor issues have been fixed with the map

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