Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 8.56

Download - Tibia multiclient 8.56
Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 8.56:
With today's servers have been introduced amendments in the game.
Questlog has been improved status display "Completed" several tasks including concerted mission of The Travelling Trader, The Hunt for the Sea Serpent, The Ultimate Challenges and Shattered Isles quest after putting the ring to Eleonore.
Removed the ability to log out of the game in the room fight last mission in the In Service of Yalahar Quest.
You can replace 6 Tomes of Knowledge to NPC Cael immediately after they get access to Chazorai arena - no longer need to emerge victorious from the fight in the arena to be able to give volumes.
NPC Bone Master and Dream Master will pay the surplus Demonic Essences, if they receive more than is needed to obtain the highest rank.
Niepodal NPC Tamoril, several ramps have been improved in order to reduce the possibility of "stack".
Some answers NPC bankers have been improved.
Steamboat captains in Kazordoon and Cormaya will teleport characters beyond the boat for the participation of the words "kick me".
NPC Black Bert from now sells Strange Powder
In view of the fact that Battlemaster Zunzu was supposed to be a monster appearing only during raids, the RESP has been removed from the map and replaced the birthplace Lizard Zaogun.
Parcels of furniture can not be unpacked in the pools - you first put them on the floor, which is not part of the pool
The apartment Harbour Place 1 in Thais windows have been added to the array located inside legible from outside the apartment.
The chance of looted Very Old Piece of Paper at the pirates needed to start a Treasure Hunt quest has been increased
They have also been corrected typos and small bugs on the map

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