Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 8.54

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Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 8.54:
Tibians hurray! It is the end of waiting: Welcome Christmas update. Sharpen weapon, store in runes, always wear the best outfit and get ready for new adventures!

Waiting for you a completely new continent. East Vengoth, the dwarfs have built an underground camp called Farmine which can reach a steamer. It's a good starting point for all adventurers who are brave enough to explore the new land Zao, full of challenges and dangers. Prepare to face countless enemies, terrifying and never previously unseen creatures, and the discovery of long-forgotten secrets. Discover the dark fate of an ancient civilization during his challenging journey, missions and quests. Zasłużcie the right to wear Warmaster outfit, find precious items, assemble Tomes Of knoledge, join the siege fight in a big tournament on the mysterious Isle of Strife and become part of the movement against the awful threat trapiącemu island. Who can resist the evil krążącemu in the veins of Zao? Who will lift the dark presence of the living creature with energy and life force of every living being? Tibians, Zao needs you immediately to fend off the danger! It's time for heroes would not hesitate to help the country stop egzotycznemu disaster, overcome the examinee to an inevitable fate.

Adventurers who prefer to stick to already explored areas will also find many new items to discover. Now a lot of monsters in Tibia Loot Items drop, and some of the old and heavy items will be removed. Loot Items are not only lighter and possible grouping, but also bring a better or at least the same income on the sale. In addition, the amount of food was reduced by monsters dropping, especially for easy to beat monsters that previously would drop huge piles of meat. Potnijcie so few monsters to check these changes.

The chalet Ruprech'a spied some great things that probably replace at Christmas Tokens.

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