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Details - Update 8.53:
We hope your character survived the encounter with Mutated Pumpkin and you are ready for the autumn patch: here it came. We presented already in previous news teasers, but in a nutshell, what you waiting for?

Take some time and thought to new types and characteristics of worlds. They are defined by several key features that make their mutual differences. If you want to play it safe and are interested in PvP fights which are based on mutual decision, we recommend you Optional PvP worlds. Players who like the thrill of PvP at all times and in all places may prefer other types of PvP worlds. Open PvP worlds, too many murders is regulated by the skull system, and only on the worlds of hardcore PvP fights are unlimited. Remember, though, that other players on these realms can use the PvP freedom when fighting against you

Another aspect of change is a war system that we have introduced. For all three types of worlds, guilds can declare war on other guilds and lay down conditions such as duration, the number of killed and payment for loss. However, everything is based on mutual consent, so you do not have to accept the declaration of war. Conditions can be reduced, as well as increased.

With the changes and system types worlds wars, several other changes have been made. Optional PvP worlds, eg. The characters do not block other characters until they are at war. "Stack" of people have several negative consequences now, so for all the worlds you should better leave it as quickly as we can.

In the end, we can offer you the ability to transfer a character to another world, so characters are no longer tied to the world of their creation. As already mentioned, the character world transfer service is not yet active due to the fact that we want to give you some time to get to know all the limitations, requirements and changes in the types of servers.

In order to find out the details about these changes you should check our previous announcements that explain the most important details.
The patch client will download automatically when you log into the game. If you have any problems, you can optionally download the new client 8.53 from our section of the download.

Remember: We start a new topic to the survey of autumn patch on Monday, 9 November. Up to this point you can talk about the changes and the first experience in the subject of discussions players.

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