Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 8.40

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Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 8.40:
City Yalahar is divided into nine different districts. Among them shopping district, a district factory and district alchemists and others. Thais surrounding the island is Mistrock, Fenrock and Vengoth. Vengoth most located to the south is shrouded in mysteries. If you believe the rumors is located on the old haunted castle.
The discovery of Thais have been affected tailors who created the Yalaharian outfit. However, this is not their only work. Uniforms GMs have been renovated.
During their future adventures in Tibia you will encounter several new creatures, you'll have to solve several new quests, survive new raids, fight new bosses and meet some new NPC'ków with interesting stories as well as old NPC'ków who are happy to share zasłyszanymi stories with you in the meantime. There will also be new equipment and some other items created for your pleasure.
Next update brings a few new spells. Knights and paladins will be pleased with the choice of one of two different spells, which will be very useful for their future adventures. Detailed explanation of the new spells can be found in the second trailer to update or library on tibia.com immediately after the implementation of the update. Note that when you make changes, you can not cure paralysis using medicinal drink.
Other things that the more you like them, are party features. Each team will have its own party channel that will facilitate communication between team members. There will be displays information about the spoils, so all team members at the same time I will be informed of found objects.

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