Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 10.91

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Details - Update 10.91:
In today's update was introduced a few amendments. For example:
- Teneshpar: Back to 2014. Resetting the event Rise of Devovogra. However, this adjustment increased the level of difficulty for knights and paladins in the mini world Devovorga Essence. Due to the feedback we received on this issue, points Teneshpar injuries have been significantly reduced, and the power to heal, as well as its experience points have been restored to their former values.
- Tending Gloothworms: An issue with pipes gloothworm that prevent players to complete the task of the commission out on some worlds.
- Secret Service (TBI): If you downloaded the intelligence reports in mission 4, you can now go in search of talking to Chester, even if you do not have the documents with you.
- Thieves Guild: In the case of loss, bald Percy will now provide another guise set in mission 4, if you use the keyword "lost disguise."
- Explorer Society: If you downloaded dwarf brooch in mission 1, you can now go to talk with God, even if you do not have a brooch with each other. If you received the pick of concerted can now move forward in search of Angus Mortimer, or even if you do not have with each pick.
- Helmet Knight Outfit Addon: If you got helmet of Ramsay the Reckless, you can now go to talk to Gregor, even if you do not have a helmet with you.
- Grimvale: An issue that resulted in inconsistent numbers in your quest log.
- The spell used in the private news channel is now also visible to the player with which you write
- An issue that sometimes bug training offline.
- An issue with Guild Wars, which prevented opposing guilds from being able to fight amongst themselves, if other guilds joined the war later.
- Fixed some bugs were maps and typos.

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