Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 10.50

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Details - Update 10.50:
Once again, the summer update was introduced. Time previews and test phase was over, the summer update 2014 has just been released. Before you start exploring the secrets of the latest update'a Cipsoft prepared a short summary of what you can expect.

New and Unknown island was discovered. Waiting there are many challenges, monsters and quests.
If you ask Captain Bluebear of Thais for a trip to Oramond you will be transported to the western part of the island. Then slide slime special system will allow you to get into the port on the island. Do not be afraid! This system is quite muddy.
Near the city is waiting for you Rathleton, but be vigilant! Poor creatures will not allow you to easily reach the center. Strong and great minotaurs are an indispensable part of the place that is their home so lonely wandering can cause you some problems. Overall Oramond is niezbezpiecznym place. Many new creatures are ready to test your skills. Not only new types of minotaurs, but also metal gargoyles, ustheap and glooth golems, devourers, blood beasts and many, many more of them will try to contribute to your death.

City Rathleton is divided into several parts. Certain areas and some channels are full of threats, but the city itself has to offer a lot more. New homes and Guildhall which are located in parts of the Upper Rathleton waiting for their new owners and so well prepared for the auction. Do not miss the opportunity that will allow you to acquire new four corners that will become your home! You can also gain some points that are to be used when voting on matters concerning Rathleton. You will be able to choose between different places hunting or cast your vote for one of the local bosses to be able to face them in battle. Your every vote matters!
For this, of course, a lot of quests, several bosses, new items, new clothes and a new mount - this is already waiting in the game.

In addition to the new area has been changed and adapted system of shared experience, that will make your common hunting will become more pleasant. Gather with colleagues, let me know guild, meet new companions and try it out!

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