Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 10.31

Download - Tibia multiclient 10.31
Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 10.31:
With today's servers have been amended as follows:
The Quest The Gravedigger of Drefia - the task of "The Innards Value": Id item lost before putting it into Ombrasa, it is possible to re-start the job through the use of the word "lost" in a conversation with an NPC. Keep in mind that this is possible if there is no item backpack.
item can be used as a light source.
Ruprecht from now correctly lists the item on the item and the item.
NPC Sandomo response to the word "book" has been corrected.
NPC Sebastian from now teleports away from the ship when you hear the word "kick".
Statistics for item were changed to those announced during the winter testserwera, namely: 20; ML 4; + 5% resistance to earth, energy, fire, ice; Weight 30 oz; the required level of 250.
Mini world change Noodles is Gone: Message on the board in the Adventurer's Guild has been corrected.
Raid Orców Thais was moved north to avoid the appearance of monsters in inaccessible places.
The Explorer Society Quest - Mission "The Ectoplasm": You can re-purchase the item from NPC Angus and Mortimer.
Fixed a problem in PVP, which allowed to obtain a white skull without blocking the entrance to a protection zone.
A significant number of errors on the map and spelling has been corrected.

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