Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 10.30

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Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 10.30:
Finally! End expectations! Winter update 2013 has been released and is available to all players. This time, CipSoft introduced a really tough challenge. Before you come face to face with evil appointed to a world of Tibia would summarize what awaits you:
Roshamuul, a new island located east of Darashia waiting for exploration. It is a place filled with terror, full of mortal danger. The surreal surroundings, devastated ruins and nightmarish atmosphere of the island makes breathtaking from the first moments of arrival.

Waiting there for you numerous challenges. They are not easy and require primarily cooperation. There is a good chance that they do not survive there without the help of other players. You must first repair the destroyed bridge and then destroy a wall to get into the internal parts Roshamuul. Watch out! Men of śmiercionośni residents will stand in the way of success. If you manage to survive on the island long enough you'll be able to pick up a new outfit and subjugate the next mount. Anyway, there are only two possibilities to leave this island - victory or death!

The fight against common creatures there needs to involve all of your combat skills. Terrorsleeps, guzzlemaws and chocking fears are just some of the new creatures waiting on the battlefield. In addition Roshamuul is under very strong bosses, to be able to win them you need to develop an appropriate strategy and, in some cases, need to have strong and well-organized team, and efforts are not in vain. From now you can get a brand new weapons. In addition, it added a new way to create these objects. Improve them and turn in the best items has to offer Tibia so far! Cipsoft proudly presents arcymroczne creation.

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