Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 10.20

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Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 10.20:
With today's servers Cipsoft introduced amendments and changes to the three world changes in accordance with the instructions sent by players:
Changes in Their Master's Voice:
From now figures that removed the 25 (or more) pieces sludge, will lose their right to kill the Mad Mage when it will be killed even if they do not take part in combat. If you change the world begins again, the counter is reset. Liczniik but it will not be cleared with characters that did not remove the required amount of sludge. Moreover, world starts to change again, if Mad Mage is defeated within two hours of the removal of sludge.

Changes The Mage's Tower:
In order to weaken Energised Raging Mage 2000 Yielothaxów must now dead. To be able to take part in a skirmish with Raging Mage character must kill at least 250 pieces Yielothaxów. A portal to another dimension closes after 5 minutes to kill Raging Mage. Furthermore, the world will change now appear once a day at a random time.

Changes in The Mummy's Curse:
From now Horestis spawns in a separate room. Only those who managed to destroy a vase, can fight with Horestisem as soon as the wall of bones in the crypt disappear. In addition, many times a character can fight Horestisem as vases managed to capture. Due to the fact that now more players can compete with Horestisem the chance to earn rare loot it has been adjusted, with the exception of Scorpion Sceptre, which still falls with every body of Pharaoh.

Information on Spirit Grounds is now displayed correctly in the Guild Adveturer's
Task of Lurgiego: pet shadow, hand blood, blood pupils are now included in the task.
In "What a foolish question" Bozo accepts a box of cream dog if it has been transported via the teleporter in Gnowmów.
Fixed re-emergence of The Pale Count when he has already been killed.
Fixed an incompatibility in the task Repenters "Cultivated Magic", which allowed to repeat the task after 20 hours after its acceptance. From now you can accomplish this task 20 hours after it is taken.
From now on players from the free account can not enter the Spike and Spirit Grounds, since these are the areas intended for premium players.
Kalvin says now about cave explorer outficie. They were also added the missing honors in the text.
Fixed a rare case where the teleport to Deathstrike could be blocked by a humorless fungus.
Several bugs in the map and texts have been fixed. Fixed several minor bugs on the Island of Destiny.

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