Tibia multiclient - Tibia MC 10.13

Download - Tibia multiclient 10.13
Compatible with Win XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Details - Update 10.13:
With today's server to the game was introduced a few amendments:
You can no longer take control of the fire elementals, blazing fire elementals and blistering fire elementals.
You can no longer get silver tokens raid during Children of the Revolution Quest.
It is possible to get out of "the cave traps" that we pass by performing Dessert Dungeon Quest in the desert Jakundaf. However, we still need to use a rope to get out.
There was a problem with the NPC A Dead Bureaucrat if your nickname referring to any spell. Now the NPC will be responsible for any nickname.
Appearance bank Thais changed.
In case of loss of Waldo's Posthorn it can be purchased from Black Berta.
Minor issue with a lift Rafz has been fixed. Elevator no longer be blocked by throwing her subjects.
Fixed a problem with the house Eclesius. You can no longer lock the doors located on the first floor. Players locking the door is moved down after an appropriate amount of time.
There have been amendments related to the cottage Harbour Place 1 in Thais and Cormaya 2. You can no longer throw objects through walls.
If you can do all Repenter Tasks in one day is an NPC Ashari will let you use the shortcut that allows a quicker return to the surface.
In addition, minor bugs maps, some bugs graphics and typos have been corrected.

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