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Details - Update 10.10:
Finally! Time previews came to an end, and the first part of the summer update has just been released.
Are you ready for this, to visit and explore some of reconstructed places? Do you dare to face the challenges that await you? As the first part of the update Tibia experienced many changes. Here is a brief summary of what already awaits you! From today you can enjoy:
Ab'dendriel is not only a new look and a transport system, but also a new mystery. On the way to Hellgate penitents waiting for your everyday assistance, and near the gates of the city you will find an abandoned mine with different hunting area, you can already visit. Warning! Due to the reorganization Cipsoft was forced to empty all houses in Ab'dendriel; items that they were to have been placed in the box.

If you like a challenge then you should look for them in Hell's Gate, which may occur in the vicinity of different cities of Tibia.
In addition to Ab'dendriel also haunted ruins Drefia given a new look. Do you dare to enter the bleak zone of broken bones necromancers who have made this place a house of the living dead? But be careful! Waiting for you not only a new look Drefia, but also new enemies hungry for your blood. In addition to the already well-understood evil other fearsome creatures such as the darkroom summoners, whether noble vampires who want your vitality. In addition, the undead necromancers need your help. If you do the task successfully you'll be able to enjoy a new mount.
It happens that way from Thais to Carlin, or a trip to the deepest corners of Draconia this ordeal. For those long walks can be made easier or at least better look Cipsoft wdrążył smooth animations costumes walking to all the players.
Nearby Carlin can find new areas of tree house. This place is the home of creatures known as golems deciduous and deciduous wilting golems. Near the site you can also find forest furies. When you go to the northeast of Carlin better keep your eyes wide open. Moreover, a new kind of orc race was spotted in the area of ??the Castle Ulderek.
No less important are the raids in Tibia which can now be done more frequently. However, special raids such as the arrival of Ferumbras they were rare, but more often than it has been in recent times. In addition to increasing the frequency of familiar invasions Cipsoft added about 50 new raids that came along with today's update. In addition, you can now earn special tokens during these raids. About more information, ask Jorge, who is the representative association of travelers.

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